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Thank you to our thousands of loyal listeners and readers WORLDWIDE for your enthusiasm and soaring numbers!

"Starr Secrets: The Down and Dirty Truths about Today and Yesteryear's Celebrities" is designed to entertain and inform a huge cross-section of readers, and non-readers too. Through the pairing of incongruous celebrities and historical figures, our readers and listeners find the most intriguing parallels in the most unexpected places! The accompanying artwork provides visual, fun eye candy to each episode enhancing the user experience.

The blogs on STARR SECRETS are meticulously researched for accuracy and veracity, proving to the skeptics that fact is indeed stranger than fiction! The podcasts take the blogs into the world of parody and hilarity, though for the most part they, too, are based on fact. Listeners have fun checking out the blog after the latest podcast for even more juicy details!

Since the inception of the first two episodes, "Starr Secrets" has been featured in a variety of locations through out the podcast directory in the iTunes Music Store, such as: "New and Notable"(on the front page) , "Hollywood News", and for eight weeks in a row, "New and Notable" in the Comedy section!

About: The Girls

The Starr Sisters and their Brooklyn accents played to enthusiastic cowboys and club goers at the "Chicago Speakeasy" in Texas Hill Country with their "Gangster Comedy" act. They riffed with the audience about the gangsters they have known. "Crazy Joe" Gallo, the Mafia hitman who came out of prison quoting Shakespeare and Camus and was invited into New York society for his novelty value. Randa was his neighbor in NY's Greenwich Village and as Lit major at the famed cop college, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, Joey helped her bone up on "Hamlet".

The sisters also did an hilarious bit on their late cousin, Little Gangy, a member of the Jewish Mafia, Murder Inc. He just about made it to his wedding ceremony and took his vows with a bullet in his calf and the cops banging on the synagogue's door! But the family adored him because: "He was good to his mother and NEVER killed anyone in the family."

About: The Boy

TREVOR ALGATT is the producer of the "Starr Secrets" podcast and also showcases his immense gifts as the voice talent and sound effects guy. He takes on the chore of creating the dazzling artwork seen on the blog postings and podcasts.

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