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"Got the latest pod! Hahaha! How u girls can draw parallels with Elvis/Gandhi/Einstein and a Yogi is beyond me! LoL! Great work!! HARI CHRISHNA! HARI HARI CHIRSNA!!" - Swinger
"Your take on Stage Parents almost made me do a spit take...Amusing as always, worth the wait, and sounded even better with my brand new speakers...LOL...Anyways thanks for the entertainment, keep up the great work my friends, laughter really is the best medicine:)" - Sean P.
"I really dig your celebrity gossip. Celebs bring all their misery on themselves, and they deserce to be in the limelight of photographers and gossip. After all they are only human but they want to think they are above it all. Remember Angie Dickenson, the actress? She tried to pick me up when I lived in Beverly Hills a decade ago. What a skank...lol. Great job luvies! Party on!!" - Teens
"Mmmmmm...yummy, tasty, delightfully funny!! (Sounds kind of kinky, huh?) I just got finished listeing to my latest Starr Sisters' pod!! Laughed my ass off (as usual!). I can hear it now: "Oh, Steiny baby...you're wildly, puffy ghost-like hair does something to me!! maybe you can come by my place & smell me...I mean tell me about yourself!! Ohhhhh baby..." "And, of course, Mr. Thought stealing, wife beatin', cousin lovin' Steiny would say: "Oh, my dear what a lovely aroma you set off..what is that?...Dead rotten flowers?? ...Delightful..." Dear God!!! Someone give me a bucket--quick!!! Ha!!" Angel
"I love you gals!! You girls are very interesting chickys...I listen to you stuff all the time. I love to hear it." LaYnNa, Illinois
"Woo Hoo! I was listening to your stuff at the library yesterday and just laughed my ass off. Patrons in the computer room were looking at me funny. I didn't know who you guys were before, but now I know your shit is pretty funny!! LOL." Khai, Virginia
"You know my in-laws call me Annie Oakley! Thank God it's for my shooting abilities and not for those OTHER abilities!! Work it girls, work it!!! Sitting Bull's lap... Hhhhmmm...I just might be turned on by those feathers myself!! Ha!! Aaaacccckkkk!!! Just don't swallow any while diggin' for gold! Ha!! Much love to my favorite gossip girls.." A. Arthur, Michigan
"You guys are not only back, you're BETTER THAN EVER. lol. Much love." Gloria, Austin, TX
"Oooooooh that's so sad about Elvis's dad...and for 2 bucks...man, the world sure has changed, since then!! And the Woody Harrelson thing...OMG, can you imagine being an American, and having your father suspected of being in on the JFK assassination... The shame..." Margaret, Oregon
"This is alot of fun and frolic...and this witchy pagan loves to frolic!! Sending out love vibes..." Empress, California
"You guys are the best stress buster EVER!! In the middle of the NYC jungle, you briing the feel good, fun vibes of L.A. My ass is sore from rollin' on the floor & lol. Thanks, I need you like I need my Starbucks double latte to start the day!!" Ryan, NYC
"You guys are a BLAST!! What a fantastic rapport (that only sisters can have) and GORGEOUS accents and voices you both have. Not to mention the hilarious content and whizzbang production values on your recording. Oh, I see there are older podcasts on your page. Excellent. I can play catch up. :) Love ya gals...**big cheesy grin** and many kisses. Vanessa (Australia)"
"OoOh I can't wait for tomorrow to get your latest pod. I swear between you and E! and TMZ.com, you three keep myself and my friends' celeb addiction going. LOTS OF LOVE, Christina and the Gang"
"I always look forward to more comic adventures with y'all. I recommend EVERYONE take a listen to the Katherine Hepburn/Angelina Jolie entry, that has been my favorite thus far...Keep up the good work, my friends. Very entertaining and you provide a good distraction, from that pesky work thing...SPMachado"
"So glad I found you! I was goin' nuts. Nobody tells it like you do and nobody does it better! J'adore the Starr Sisters!! Hot love, DJ Odessa, U.K."
"Love the show! Keep up the good work! Lindsay, Woody, and Elvis is...Crackin' me up! Loved the sound effects! Cap~n~Kirk's mate"
"Your shit is so on! HaHa! Khai"
"Those Starr Sisters are so hot right now..I must have them for my new 'Derelicte' collection! MadChef"
"We consider ourselves lucky to be your friends. It was great to hear your voices! Lumonics Light Museum"
"You're hot babes and I always look forward to MORE celebrity gossip! Good Andy, Utah"
"Oh...no..he..didn't!..are you kidding me? did Pastor Joe really say those things about his own daughter?...Oh, my God! Gross...lol Luv the Paris Hilton riff...very funny!!! When it comes to irreverent humor, you take the cake!!!! Pleeeeeaaaase keep it up!! Thanks for the entertainment!!! Margaret"
"As always we are loving the new POD over here...I swear its sooo cool how u can draw connections between the past and present celebs! Anyway, lots of love. [TiKii]"
"You gals are the twinkle in my day. Thanks for the PODS. Keep the goodies coming ladies. I love, love it, love it!! Angel (Michigan)"
"I swear to tell the truth nothing but the "DOWN AND DIRTY TRUTH"....Iove you guys, you crack me up!! I would LOVE to meet the two of you someday..Krazy Kat"
"Yes, I LOVE you guys. Keep up the hilarious shite. PBomb"
An excerpt from Ti.Kii's Profile Page on MySpace:
"Who I'd Like to Meet: Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and the Starr Sisters..."
i will always be here for the Starr Sisters to show my bone deep love and support!
GENIOUS!!! OMG! I LOVE IT!! ITS SOOO FUNNYY! I love you guys! You are so consistently funny and witty! Great work!! I'm a Nu Yorkah baby!! My mom lived in Israel for a little bit when she was young but both she and I attended a Kinneret Day School so we both picked up Hebrew (she more than I)! I'm a NY baby born and raised in the Bronx (Riverdale which also explains my Yiddish) I moved down to DC for a few years while my mom was in Law school and now I'm living in Ghana (which is a faabbbbulous place honestly I love it here)! I hope to be returning back to NY for college or London (i'm happy in both places)!
Oh...My...God... you guys are so funny,when it comes to irreverent humor you take the cake!!! Pleeeeaaassseee keep it up...
Wow did you get it right and soooo much fun!!! That music when you tell how Paris got her payback after insulting Lindsay was hilarious. I've replayed the scene with Cher's son Elijah Blue ten times & all my friends still think it's outrageously fabulous!!! Can't wait for next week's pod.
Lots of love from you fans in GHANA, WEST AFRICA! Love the latest POD!
I swear to tell the truth nothing but the "DOWN AND DIRTY TRUTH" ..... I <3 you guys you crack me up... I would love to meet the two of you someday
What a fantastic rapport (that only sister's can have) and GORGEOUS accents and voices you both have. Not to mention the hilarious content and whizzbang production values on your recording. It's always great to be able to put a voice to people you meet online. Just makes you that little bit closer, y'know? (Australia)
Hey! OMG! You girls are amazing! I am a big fan of your Podcasts! I'm an American born and raised but I moved overseas to Ghana, West Africa (random I know) and me and my girlfriends over here listen to you girls religiously! Keep up the amazing work!!!!!!
“These ‘blogCasts’ are hilarious! It has all the chewy delicious chunks of any celebrity dish. Episode 2 where Jean Harlow sees her fiance on her honeymoon was hilarious! Not to mention episode 3 has all these silly yiddish quips with music and sound effects that keep the pace rolling. Definitely worth a listen!” (Posted on iTunes)
“Do more!!” (Posted on iTunes)
“Well, ladies, I think you have made my week! :) This is some of the funniest stuff I think I’ve EVER heard! You’re both quick to deliver and spot-on with your “analyses” of each celeb. Bravo! Please keep ‘em coming! :)” (Posted on iTunes)
“What a fascinating and hilarious little podcast! I think my girlfriend said it best: “These ladies should have their own SNL skit!” The crazy life paralells they dig up linking classic historical figures to modern day celebrities makes for some real gut-busting and insightful banter. And the clever sound effects are truly the icing on the cake -- keep up the great work, girls!” (Posted on iTunes)
“Awesome blog!! Valentino had two gorgeous lesbian wives and Brad has a gal rival for Angelina...this is new stuff. I love it!! You got yourself a new fan. I'm gonna check out iTunes right now.”
“It's super cool how you compare old Hollywood & Valentino with Brad Pitt. That's amazing and I wasn't bored. I just showed this bog to my mom and she said she wants to read your articles too!”
“Hemingway with a little weiner & a big ego...figures!! God I wish I was Johnny Depp or George Clooney, those lucky bastards! "Show me a hero & I'll write you a tragedy", that's a drunk rambling. Look at Johnny, look at George...Thanks Starr girls. Another great one!!”
“How appropriate that I should be listening to Scott Joplin’s “The Entertainer” as I read this... I love this to pieces... You make the most incredible connections... I cried for Zelda... Mr Depp has a fine head on this shoulders, indeed...”
“Nancy Reagan's godmother was a lesbian?! How come she didn't do more to help people with AIDS? Thanks for a brilliantly put together blog. I enjoyed it.”
“When I become rich and famous, and I will...oh yes I will!..., it would be nice to have the freedom and the ability to live anywhere you choose...To the rich and famous, a move to say, France or London isn't the move that it would be for us, say living in Los Angeles.  For me to pack up and move to France, would basically mean, saying goodbye to everyone I love, and not seeing them for a number of years....For people like Johnny Depp, a move like that is the same as a move across town.  They have the ability to jump on the concord and be back in the US in a couple hours or so....For them its like moving from Los Angeles to the valley kind of...ok maybe San Diego.....I love reading your blogs by the way, they make for very interesting reading...I hope you continue to have fun with them, my best to you:) thank you for activating our brains again...how did you get them to all agree to a photo shoot? :)”
“Once again some wonderfully entertaining & informative scoop!  Thanks for the skinny & happy hump day :)”
“Ha Ha  Being an American I didn't know much about good ole Abe.  Or Clooney for that matter. Thanks for the great blog.  Where do you come up with this stuff?”
“Fabulous... Yet again, you lovely ladies have taught me something new.  Not being American, I have little knowledge of the life of Abe Lincoln... What an intriguing man! Then there's George... *sigh* Intelligent, insightful, informative and a little bit wicked.  I love it”
“you did it again!....it seems only right that Albert and Marilyn would connect inthe space/time continuum.”
“Oh my Sistah's, I too must admit to being strangely fascinated with Marilyn! She lived a fast, hard & cruel life. She allowed herself to be used and exploited. But those that were close to her...and I mean close...Loved her! They couldn't help but love her.  There is a presence about certain people, that draws others in and holds them captive! Is it charm? Is it warmth?  I think it's SOUL! If you look deep enough into anyone, you find yourself somewhere within them!  Maybe not much, maybe not things that you like.  But there is a little something that everyone shares, whether we like it or not! Just my opinion! Kudos Ladies...Another great one!”
“I love your blogs, i come here often and read them!  this was a perfect blog since i had just watched 48 hours on Marilyn.  keep up the good work!”
“Awesome blog i love Marilyn... kudo's to you both i would give you more if i could”
“Hi...Hope you girls are doijng gret. The blog I have been planning has been put on hold..still gathering information..Great IPod thingie..YOu two are great..love the accent”
“Ladies, Ladies...I received the CD's in the mail, late yesterday...I listened to them on my way into work this morning...I LAUGHED MY ASS OFF!! All three of them were incredibly amusing!! The Elvis & Wyatt one...was the absoulute BEST!!! Circumcized or not...the story was not cut short!! Ha! I was not aware that you both have such wonderfully thick accents...That just added to my amusement!! I truly enjoyed every minute of it!! I also enjoyed reading the George & Abe similarities...Too funny!! I love you gal's to pieces...Keep 'em coming!!!!”
“Thanks for the Add you Gorgeous Gals!!! Thanks for the picture comment I love you guys!!!! I just subscribed to your pod cast yesterday and I seriously listened to Mel Gibsons Malibu Meltdown 3 times, I love it!!!”
“Hey sorry I've been a little reserved lately, I'm still mending a broken heart :-( .... But I Love your podcasts and I hope to see more of you gals either on tv or radio in the near future (your great talents will get you there someday!).”
“Hi you two! I've been on vacation so i'm a little behind!  That's just too bizarr-o about Simpson's creepy dad - ewwwww.  I had no idea about Jean Harlowe's story either!  Wow, i'm curious to know more ~ Thanks for the great blog gals!”
“Weeeellllllllllllllllll!  Wasn't that just a robust piece of commentary.  I haven't enjoyed anything that "ample" in a long time!  You didn't actually tell Chesty Lazaar that she was at your favorite table, did you?! And menopause?!  I love it.  Excellent banter.  Good stuff!  You ladies sure know how to hit a tail wagger right in 'er ginormous buggy bumpers!”
“Proof that money can buy just about anything....except a personality!”
“Marilyn & Einstein?!!! You guys are incredible. Why open a dull history book when you can be entertained & educated by the best... THE STARR SISTERS, Yay!!!!”
“You girls never fail to surprise! I had no idea Pam and Anna went the SAME COSTCO I DO! And poor Abe... based on this blog and his wife's propensity for shopping (shoes, probably), I have a feeling we'd enjoy a beer together ;-)”
“Hey I really liked this blog. Thanks for Mark Twain quote at the end, it's so true!”
“This blog was great! The way you girls compred them it really opens your eyes to how creepy Mr.Simpson can be. We all hope the best for Jessica because she is one of our Americas Sweethearts. I've always been a bigger Ashlee fan and I will keep thinking that she is controlled by her father.”
“i've always thought jessica's dad was raunchy. i'd heard about that whole promise ring when she was a teen to symbolize that he would be the man in her life until she got married. i'd freak out if my dad considered himself "my man". it also grossed me out in that one episode of newleyweds when he said something along the lines of "she was a virgin until marriage, but now that's she's married she can do it till she's blue in the face." omg, eww. no dad should think that deeply about his daughters sex life. he's a freak. and intrusive and jealous of other guys with his daughter. probably the reason her and nick split. “jean harlow was very tragic also. my mom used to love old hollywood, and i would leaf through her "hollywoood babylon" books as a kid. great blog as always : ).
“Fascinating stuff.... and so well put together... Ew, those creepy fathers'... hmm... I think I just don't want to go there.”
“Interesting and tragic about Ms Harlow.  I've seen a few of her films, but never read a biography.  Now, I'm curious to read more... what a life, eh?”
“This blog was amazing! I had no idea of such parallels between past and present stars. I'd hafta agree with everyone else that Pastor Joe is one creepy goy!!!
“Money is the bottom line here....and it has obviously corrupted this pastor!  I agree that Jessica should distance herself from her father....find a new manager and a new direction.  I think she has great beauty and talent, but it's time to cut the umbilical cord and grow up!   ....and the pastor needs to tend to his flock instead of cashing in on both his daughters.”
“How do you ladies do it?!!! Not only are my friends readin' you, but our mothers & grandmothers, too!!! You are the coolest! We love your blogs, we love the new facts & the new way of looking at celebs.  We can't say it enough... THE STARR SISTERS ROCK!!!!”
“Wow! I LOVE IT!”
“Excellent job, guys....”
“Wow! Go figure ~ great info gals!”
“I really enjoyed this one, im  a big fan of Robery Downey Jr.”
“I live for your blogs!  Thanks for another great one.”
“the picture and story are both most excellent, thanks sister duo!”
“It's interesting how we look at celebrities as people of privilege. Even though after reading this it's obvious that not every star's life is so glamorous. It's actually a lil’ sad and at the same time makes me feel better i didn't have it that bad! “Great work Ladies! These are  getting better every week!”
“We're all laughing our asses off here in Miami...You guys are so great. We can't wait to get together & be entertained and made smarter with your latest celebrity trip.  Keep 'em comin' Starr Sisters! We worship you down here!!!”
“A very interesting & informative blog as always ~  omg, i can't get over the Einstein bit - holy cow, she must have been really lonely that night.  I need to read up on her life obviously. Thanks & take care you two!”
“Keep this sh!t up girls,  I love it!!!”
“Ewww... Paris Hilton a working girl? Yikes. And that lady on the book cover looks like she's about to eat someone's kid.”
“Money, Sex, Fame, Politics!!! It's disgusting! “But i LOVE IT!!!”
“Awesome blogs, ladies -- chock full of information and compassion for the human spirit... I love it! Keep up the great work!”
“Thank you for telling the world what everyone should know. Rosie rocks as Mom & human being. You guys make history & today's celebs come alive. And we're all smarter for it!! You guys make our heads spin!!”
“I've said it before and I'll say it again:  The soul has no gender, race or religion.  If we'd just quit judging/labeling people by their sexual orientation/lifestyle/beliefs/ color and instead, focused on their DEEDS....we would see more clearly.  You ladies just illustrated the important values in life and in parenting....love, kindness and encouragement and a caring, intelligent view of the world.  If ALL parents could share these values with their children, we would have ourselves a beautiful world.”
“This is so  kool i love your blogs keep them coming”
“Another great blog! ..and  thanks for checking out my blog this morning... There's never been much said about Elvis's jewish connection, but I found one book: Schmelvis: In Search Of Elvis Presley's Jewish Roots...written by Max Wallace and Jonathan Goldstein...and I believe there's a movie too, but I've never seen it...have you?  If I find out more, I will let you know. “I totally agree with your world view ...that we are indeed all related...sisters and brothers 'under the skin'....man made religion, and as Mahatma Ghandi said "God has no religion".
“Keep those blogs coming sweet ladies!”
“your blogs are great. this one really shook me up.”
“No way!  OMG, this is so funny.  See?  This is why I love you girls!  You're so informative.  I love it!!!”
“I am soooooo digging your blogs! They are entertaining and informative! Keep up the great writing!”
“nice one sis !!”
“Ha Ha!  I had NO IDEA Maddona was a Jewish girl.  Go figure!  I have always been a fan to her earlier stuff.  I could really do without this new disco stuff she's doing now.  It doesn't fit her, but I guess we all must change with the times.  "Like a Virgin" is one of my favorites at Karoke! ; ) Great post!”
“Brilliantly written!!! That was a treat...thank you.  I'm convinced Madonna is part cyborg...especially since her horse-riding accident....she was already made of steel, but now there's scientific engineering at work.  You've got to love her for her raw determination and strength as she plunders the smorgasbord on the table of life, before the eyes of the world.  She's no Madonna...to me she's a modern-day Dietrich, grabbing life by the balls and defying convention. Gotta love her.”
“I definitely agree with you.  Audrey is my all-time favorite actress.  When I was younger I wanted to dress like her and have her elegance... I still can't help feel sorry for poor Marilyn.  She was a victim of her surroundings and upbringing.  Her behavior was not uncommon to a person brought up the way she was.  However, I simply disliked her movies because personally I just thought she was a bad actress... “My humble opinion anyway... ; )”
“Thanks for this post.  It was enlightening.  I was not aware of these facts.”
“Powerful and compelling, ladies!”
“There's no denying that Hepburn was a truly beautiful soul, who was much more than an actress. She showed her deep caring and love for humanity and the 'under-dog' in very real terms....throughout her life, from beginning to end. Audrey was an exceptional human being who made a difference in this world. “However, to me, Marilyn will always shine like the brilliant luminous star she was.  Marilyn was a beautiful Hollywood icon...a great success...but at the same time, she was also the 'under-dog'.  She bared her breasts...but she also bared her soul and her frailties and flaws...for the whole world to see.  I love her for that...and many people do...and that's why she'll always be our darling beloved Marilyn Monroe.”
I now have this new insight into lesbianism....WOW!!! Color me educated!!!! Madonna....I really didn't know about the whole tied up thing...Seriously... CRACKED ME UP!!! I mean really...what in the hell did she expect???? And please...PLEASE don't get me started on Paris!! It would take me ALL DAY to express my thoughts on the Queen Flake of our time!!! And what's up with all the perfume??? I don't think I've smelled ANY of the celeb perfume's...Honestly, I have NO desire!! What is it about the perfume industry?? If I really want to smell 'Paris'...Well, actually she already STINKS!! I don't need it rubbed on my skin!! Keep 'em coming Ladies!!! You are the BEST!!! I just love you to bits!!!
Love you guys...MWAUH!!!