Randa Starr: Director of Fluff

RANDA STARR met her first major movie star when she worked on the syndicated TV show, This Is Your Life. She spent the day with Jane Fonda at her Santa Monica home and then hopped into a limo for the trip to Spago to surprise the subject of the show's, a mutual friend of Randa and Jane's. The biggest revelation was that the superstar and Oscar winner was down to earth, kind and yet amazingly insecure when asked to recall humorous tales about the show's guest of honor. Thus STARR SECRETS and viewing celebrities in a new dimension was born.

Randa's lived in Beverly Hills and Malibu for fifteen years amid celebrities, show biz parties and buzz. She brings a seasoned, witty insider view to STARR SECRETS, as well as solid credentials as a writer, receiving her Masters in journalism from Columbia University.

Patte Starr: Fluff Director

PATTE STARR, like her sister, is a celebrity wag who loves researching and shmoozing. She's shared many a celebrity scoop and party with her best friend and writing partner, Randa. Her favorite question is, "If you're so smart, why aren't you happy?" Her buoyant, unsinkable spirit keeps all who know her afloat and laughing. She's truly dedicated to keeping the party going for all our STARR SECRETS fans! Patte is proud to live by Oscar Wilde's credo: "Life is too important to be taken seriously!"

Trevor Algatt: Producer, Host, Voice Talent

TREVOR is the most brilliant actor around, a Greek God who we affectionately call "The Man of a Thousand Voices". His integrity and unflinching commitment to excellence in every area of his life is an inspiration to us all. He never fails to make the gals swoon... and us!